Traitomic Officially Launches TraitSource

TraitSource: Empowering Research with Traits

TraitSource is a pioneering initiative by Traitomic aiming to empower the world of research in advanced trait development. TraitSource contains the world's largest genetically diverse crop and microbial libraries. From legumes and cereals, to bacteria and macroalgae, TraitSource offers libraries in a wide range of organisms. We believe that these libraries are a valuable resource for innovation within crops and microorganisms. Therefore, we have decided to make our libraries globally accessible for research through TraitSource.

Researchers can request any genetic variant with single nucleotide precision from these libraries. We find and extract the genetic variant from TraitSource's public libraries and deliver the desired variant within 8 weeks. This unprecedented speed, combined with Traitomic's FIND-IT technology, allows researchers to advance and accelerate their research in ways never possible before.

Our Technology, Your Opportunity

We at Traitomic believe in the freedom of research. Therefore, we will not restrict researchers using TraitSource's genetic variants for research, publishing, or even patenting. For an elaborate example, please read our case study on a sweet lupin study performed by the University of Copenhagen. Furthermore, researchers are also able to perform field studies with limited regulatory hurdles, because we only utilise traditional breeding technologies.

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