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TraitSource empowers research by providing easy access to many diverse crop and microbial libraries. With Traitomic's innovative technology and expertise in genetic variation, we generated libraries with naturally created genetic diversity, offering precise genomic targeted alleles not achievable through screening of natural populations. The technology is conventional and therefore has minimal regulatory issues in the food and agricultural industry.

TraitSource is a part of and powered by Traitomic. Our goal with TraitSource is to provide easy access to our current libraries to academic institutions all over the world, in order to accelerate the innovation in crops and microbes. TraitSource acts as your gateway to genetic advancements, while providing full flexibility in the process. The technology behind TraitSource provides a fast and precise option for any kind of trait research in both crops and microbes.

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Our Technology, Your Opportunity

TraitSource can accelerate your research by offering an incredibly high probability of finding your desired genetic variants. Our crop libraries are readily accessible, which allows us to deliver your desired genetic variant with elite germplasm in 8 weeks. You can request any mutation in any crop or microbe you desire, enhancing your ability to explore new areas of research.

Your Trait, Your IP

When using TraitSource, researchers have the freedom to use our libraries and genetic variants for all kinds of research, unlocking new possibilities for scientific exploration. This includes the possibility to publish or even patent any genetic trait that results from your research with TraitSource. We also embrace the potential impact your research can have and we can discuss exploring avenues for commercial prospects and collaborations.

No Mutant, No Cost

Our "no mutant, no cost" policy guarantees that researchers only pay after we successfully find and deliver the desired genetic variant from our TraitSource libraries. This model guarantees a cost effective solution for the generation of your modification of interest.

TraitSource Libraries in Action

We are proud that our TraitSource libraries are utilised in leading agricultural and food science projects. Here are just a few of the exciting research projects that we have empowered. To learn more, click on the logo's to be redirected to the project page.

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Our Advantages

What Traitsource has to offer

Powered by Traitomic, TraitSource offers researchers a rapid, precise, and versatile platform for trait research. Our platform delivers tailored genetic variants, advancing crop and microbial research in ways never done before.


Our public TraitSource libraries allow us to deliver your desired genetic variants in just 8 weeks. From finding to extracting the seeds or organisms, our process is fully optimized to ensure that your research can move at an unprecedented speed.


We create expansive libraries to ensure that we can cover any single nucleotide change in the genome. We also have the capability to cover various forms of genetic variation. This allows us to support a broad range of research projects, from yield to processing traits.


Our technology is highly versatile and applicable to a wide range of crops and microbes, making it ideal for researchers in various fields. As our genetic variants are considered conventional, the variants can immediately be tested in field trials without regulatory issues.

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