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Am I truly free to publish my research using TraitSource's genetic variants?

Yes! There are no strings attached to using our mutants for research and publishing. In fact, we even encourage it. We do not restrict you in publishing your research results or patenting your traits.

Will the access fee allow me access to all crop libraries or only one specific crop?

The access fee grants you access to your desired TraitSource libraries. The access fee increases if you would like access to multiple libraries. The access fee allows us to safely store and preserve our seed libraries for long-term use.

Are there additional costs for using TraitSource's funding support?

No, our goal is to support research and accelerate trait innovation and we have a dedicated team that is highly experienced in obtaining funding for research. Therefore, we do not ask any additional fees for funding support.

If I desire a gene knockout, can I choose a specific nucleotide change that creates the loss of function?

Yes! You are free to choose your preferred nucleotide change that knocks out the gene in your chosen crop.

How will you deliver the genetic variants?

We deliver the genetic variants for crops in the form of a plantlet or seed. This depends on the type of crop. For microbes, we deliver the genetic variants in a culture or glycerol stock.  If you would like to know this information for a specific crop, please contact us.

As you are using mutagenesis, do you have a high level of background mutations?

No, we control the level of mutagenesis we use and create large libraries to ensure we can use incredibly low doses of mutagenesis. With this technology set-up, we ensure that the genetic variants are all of elite germplasm quality.

Are the genetic variants coming from TraitSource regulated as GMOs?

No! As our technology only uses traditional breeding technologies, such as mutagens with a history of safe-use, we can assure you that our genetic variants are regulated as conventional.

What if you find multiple seeds/organisms with the same desired mutation?

We often find multiple seeds/organisms with the same desired mutation, but with different background mutations. When this happens, we will give you all the found genetic variants without additional costs. We do this to support your research, as it reduces the risk of your project.

Why is the cost per mutant cheaper when I have more targets?

We can synergize our process for screening slightly when identifying multiple genetic variants at once, lowering our total costs for the process. We think it is important that our customers can also benefit from this, leading to a reduced cost when asking for multiple genetic targets at once.

Can I request targets from multiple libraries at the same time?

Of course! We are very flexible in our way of working with researchers. For the same reason, we are also flexible in working with both short-term and long-term collaborations, to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

I would like to have a new custom library or exclusive library for a specific crop. How much does this cost?

The costs for a new library are dependent on the crop type, so please contact us so we can help you further.

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