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TraitSource is a pioneering initiative by Traitomic aiming to empower the world of research in advanced crop trait development. As a part of Traitomic, we utilize our technology to boost researchers in their quest for genetic innovation and agricultural advancements. New libraries are continuously added to TraitSource, increasing the potential for researchers in all fields.

We believe in collaborative partnerships and work closely with researchers to address the challenges and opportunities in trait development. Our mission is to empower agri-food sciences worldwide by offering access to our extensive collection of crop libraries and technology. TraitSource paves the way for groundbreaking discoveries and transformative advancements in trait development research.

TraitSource Libraries in Action

We are proud that our TraitSource libraries are utilised in leading agricultural and food science projects. Here are just a few of the exciting research projects that we have empowered. To learn more, click on the logo's to be redirected to the project page.

The Technology

Traitomic's proprietary technology used for TraitSource's libraries was developed in the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. These labs are filled with years of research and development, fueling our passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Our advanced equipment is capable of efficiently screening large crop populations. Drawing inspiration from cancer research technology, our methods offer both scalability and high specificity, empowering us to drive breakthroughs in trait discovery and crop innovation.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to work with microbes. Microbes are remarkable for their ability to thrive in diverse environments and carry out essential functions in many biotechnological applications. We understand the value microbes can offer, and have therefore created various microbial TraitSource libraries as well.

The Field

With our TraitSource libraries grown worldwide, we've gained hands-on experience working with different crops in diverse environments. We've learned the ins and outs of various agricultural landscapes, adapting our approach to meet the unique challenges posed by each setting. Our field expertise ensures that we're well-equipped to tackle any agricultural endeavor.

We like to challenge ourselves to work with new crops. We are always open to start new projects on exciting crops that not many have worked on before. We are also actively working on adding more TraitSource libraries over time. With our extensive experience and expertise, we adapt seamlessly to the unique characteristics of each crop, ensuring successful outcomes.

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