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Our pricing model

We are committed to transparency in TraitSource's pricing model, providing clear insights into the factors influencing our pricing. For example, some crops and organisms are easier to work with than others. Furthermore, the more specific the genetic target is, the more costly the process for finding and extracting. Additionally, we can optimize our process when looking for multiple genetic variants at once. Therefore, the factors that influence our pricing are: type of crop or organism, type of genetic variation, and the requested number of genetic variants. As a result, we offer a tailored and specific price for each research project.

Our aim is to offer a fair and flexible framework that aligns with the diverse needs of research in the pursuit of innovative trait development. Our 'no mutant, no cost' policy is one of those methods we have to offer a fair and flexible experience to our customers. We also recognize that these projects often require external funding, and thus we offer diverse funding support options to assist researchers in their endeavours.


The access fee is a project fee that grants researchers unlimited access to the chosen crop libraries. The access fee allows us to retrieve the seeds out of storage and serves to ensure the long-term preservation and security of our seed collections, preventing degradation and maintaining their viability for future research endeavors.


Seeker & Selector

The cost per genetic variant is a one-time charge covering the efforts involved in finding and extracting the desired genetic variant from our vast crop library. This cost becomes lower when asking for multiple genetic variants at once. Our ‘no mutant, no cost’ policy implies that in the low likelihood that we are not able to find your genetic variants, no costs will incur for you.


Translational Research

We embrace the potential impact of your research. We engage in discussions regarding the possibility of commercial opportunities, ensuring a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach to translate your research into commercial value.


Tailored pricing for your research needs

As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide illustrative examples of our pricing model. As each project is very different, we have created these examples to showcase the flexibility and fairness of our pricing approach. With these examples, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of how our pricing structure aligns with their specific project requirements. If you would like to know the exact price for your specific project, please request for a simple quote on the contact page.

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Example: ELEvated oleic acid in rapeseed

Rapeseed - Project Cost: €57,000

An elevated oleic acid content in rapeseed oil improves the nutritional quality for human consumption. Therefore, research discovered that the oleic acid content can be increased by changing two specific amino acids in a specific gene.

In order to validate the role of this gene in oleic acid production, genetic variants with the specific amino acid changes in this gene were needed.

This project successfully identified and extracted the rapeseed genetic variants for this research. The total cost of the project was determined by the following: 

  • Plant Type: Rapeseed (Brassica Napus)
  • Type of Genetic Variation: Amino Acid Changes
  • Amount of Genetic Variants: 2
  • Project Delivery Time: 8 Weeks

Example: Removing Off-flavours in plant-based dairy

Faba Bean & Pea - Project Cost: €128,000

The plant-based dairy market has expanded rapidly in the recent years. However, some plant-based dairy products contain natural off-flavours that both increase the number of processing steps in production, and have a negative impact on consumption. Research is tackling this challenge by knocking out the production of these off-flavours from the crops intrinsically.

Several off-flavours are most likely linked to two genes present in both faba beans and peas. A functional gene knockout study could provide more insight into the production of this off-flavour, which requires many specific genetic variants.

This project successfully identified and extracted all the faba bean and pea genetic variants for this research. The total cost of the project was determined by the following: 

  • Plant Type: Faba Bean (Vicia faba) and Pea (Lathyrus olaracea)
  • Type of Genetic Variation: Gene Knockout
  • Amount of Genetic Variants: 8 (4 mutations per crop)
  • Project Delivery Time: 8 Weeks
Funding opportunities

Our Expertise for Academic Success

We recognize the critical role of funding in advancing scientific research. We actively support academic research groups in their funding strategies by providing valuable assistance and expertise in the form of subcontractor and active partner collaborations, facilitating successful grant proposals and project development.

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We become a subcontractor to the funding proposal, where we provide the necessary support for your research proposals.

What you get:

  • A quote of our services
  • A letter of support for your proposal

Active Partner

We become an active partner to the funding proposal, where we provide extensive support throughout the funding proposal and research project

What you get:

  • Support during the proposal development
  • Required support documents
  • Assistance creating a partner budget
  • Follow up of the project and reporting support

Example: Making the most out of macroalgae

SeaMark - EU Horizon Project

The SeaMark consortium, funded by Horizon Europe, brings together partners along the entire seaweed value chain, from seaweed cultivation to product testing. SeaMark will demonstrate how to scale up innovative seaweed cultivation and processing into price-competitive product applications.

The overall objectives of the SeaMark Horizon Europe project to leverage the potential of macroalgae as an industrial feedstock, provide market knowledge, strengthen the competitiveness of the European blue bioeconomy and provide scientific evidence on environmental benefits.

As an active partner of the project, Traitomic will:

  • Generate libraries of Ulva sp. and S. latissimi
  • Build innovative capabilities in algae in selective breeding opportunities
  • Follow up on the project and provide support where necessary

Unraveling the pricing structure

Will the access fee allow me access to all crop libraries or only one specific crop?

The access fee grants you access to your desired TraitSource libraries. The access fee increases if you would like access to multiple libraries. The access fee allows us to safely store and preserve our seed libraries for long-term use.

Are there additional costs for using TraitSource's funding support?

No, our goal is to support research and accelerate trait innovation and we have a dedicated team that is highly experienced in obtaining funding for research. Therefore, we do not ask any additional fees for funding support.

What if you find multiple seeds/organisms with the same desired mutation?

We often find multiple seeds/organisms with the same desired mutation, but with different background mutations. When this happens, we will give you all the found genetic variants without additional costs. We do this to support your research, as it reduces the risk of your project.

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