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A New life to Conventional Breeding and Strain Development

Thrilled to share a compelling article on Traitomic's groundbreaking approach to conventional breeding and strain development.

In a nod to 90 years of mutagenesis, FIND-IT, born from Carlsberg Brewery's pursuit of superior barley, is revolutionizing the breeding landscape – no GMOs, just innovation and genius at play.🌾⏩

Beyond brewing, FIND-IT's impact spans 25+ crops, from lupins to bitter gourd. But this isn't just about plants; FIND-IT is a microbial superhero too! Traitomic is quietly reshaping the microbial landscape, proving innovation knows no bounds. Exciting times for ag-tech and bio enthusiasts!

Cheers to FIND-IT, transforming the trait development game and inspiring us to change the world, one plant or microbe at a time! 🌏🌱

Kudos to Seedworld for this insightful piece. Read the article here!

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