GRDC and Traitomic Forge Innovative Partnership

GRDC and Traitomic Forge Innovative Partnership for Australian Grain Industry

We would like to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Traitomic and the Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC), aimed at revolutionizing crop breeding in Australia.

With this partnership, Australian grain breeders and pre-breeding researchers will gain unprecedented access to extensive libraries of unique genetic variants for oat and lupin, courtesy of Traitomic's FIND-IT technology. Importantly, the assets and resources resulting from the GRDC-Traitomic partnership will be accessible to all Australian breeders and pre-breeders, irrespective of funding sources, to advance genetics research and benefit the industry at large.

What does this mean for the industry?

Oats are an important export market for Australian grain growers, while lupins are the biggest pulse crop in the country.  Now, breeders can swiftly identify new versions of genes responsible for key crop traits, such as disease resistance and drought tolerance, in a matter of weeks. This collaboration aligns with GRDC's broader efforts to improve genetic resources and accelerate breeding endeavors, reinforcing their commitment to driving innovation and profitability in the Australian grains industry.

Currently, GRDC has several investments in oats and lupins at various stages of development that will be able draw on the oat and lupin libraries, and is exploring access to Traitomic libraries for other crops too.

We are both excited and humbled to embark on this journey with GRDC!

Read more about our partnership here.

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